The yellow blanket of pollen that spring brought and the sprouting weeds that summer grew are disappearing. But, why are you still sneezing? Unfortunately, fall brings its own allergens such as ragweed, mold, and dust mites. Thankfully, the team at Bluegrass Family Allergy can help!

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Three causes of fall allergies that may surprise you include working in your garden, attending school, and Mother Earth’s fluctuating temperatures.

Working in Your Garden

Cooler weather is here and the leaves are slowly falling off the trees. While the change in temperature is nice, your lawn may soon be full of leaves. Before grabbing your rake and firing up your lawn mower, take necessary precautions to protect yourself from allergens.

For those who suffer with allergies, raking leaves and mowing the lawn are known to stir up pollen and mold. This could send you into a coughing and sneezing fit. Be sure to buy a N95 particulate filtering face-piece respirator. This respirator filters 95% of airborne particles, saving your sinuses from acting out of control.

If you find yourself sneezing and coughing when you do certain outdoor activities, you may be suffering from allergies or asthma.

Attending School

Your child has started school recently and has been introduced to many new people, places, and things – including allergens! Take necessary steps if your child comes home from school and comments on her pounding headache, itchy eyes, or runny nose.  Your child may have come in contact with an allergen that their immune system is not used to.

Dr. Brauer can accurately diagnose your child’s allergies and prescribe the medicine that will provide relief! The school year is long, and your child should start feeling better sooner rather than later.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Fall weather is a favorite among southerners because it gives a much needed break from the scorching summer heat. However, sometimes the weather fluctuates and a warm spell occurs. Because of the warmth and humidity, mold spores may flourish and cause your allergies to spike. With the right medicine and direction from Dr. Brauer, you will be able to enjoy the fall weather allergy-free.

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