an older woman stretchingA new year is here, full of opportunities for change and a healthier life! The team at Bluegrass Family Allergy wants to challenge you to make a resolution that will improve your health-related quality of life (HRQOL), specifically your relationship with allergies. Here are four simple new year’s resolutions to make to improve your HRQOL and kiss your allergies goodbye.

1. Quit Smoking ASAP

Smoking is harmful to your entire body. It is a very common asthma trigger, causing the lungs to spaz and, many times, an asthma attack ensues. Smoking can also weaken the immune system, which compromises its ability to ward off allergens. In addition to being a common asthma culprit, smoking can also:

  • Coat your lungs with tar, reducing your lung capacity
  • Make the air sacs less elastic
  • Produce phlegm, causing congestion in your lungs
  • Reduce your body’s ability to use oxygen effectively

2. Start an Exercise Routine

At the start of each year, many people opt for workouts and exercise routines to lose weight. We encourage you to exercise regularly to help your body become stronger and healthier! Regular exercise improves your lung capacity, essentially teaching it to accept a higher volume of air. Exercise can also reduce inflammation in your lungs whereas asthma causes inflammation. If you have exercise-induced asthma, talk to Dr. Brauer today about how you can exercise safely: 270-228-2811.

3. Reduce Exposure to Triggers

Other than your workplace (which could also be your home due to COVID-19), your home is likely the place you spend the majority of your days. Take time to determine which areas in your home are a welcoming place for allergens to hide. For example, mattresses without bed bug proof covers, carpet, and dust ruffles.

4. Talk to Your Owensboro Allergist

It’s important to take intentional steps toward improving your HRQOL, such as the ones listed above. However, it’s vital to also talk to an allergist who can accurately diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options. Dr. Brauer can educate you on your condition, talk to you about how to manage it, and discuss treatment options – immunotherapy or medication.

Ditch allergies for good in 2021. Make an appointment today: 270-228-2811.