allergy testingDid you know that Kentucky is ranked among the top states to have the most allergy-sufferers? From the grass pollen in the summer to mold spores in the winter, our citizens are fighting allergens year-round. Fortunately, there is a way to determine exactly what is causing your allergies to flare in every season: allergy testing. Discover the answers to several frequently asked questions about allergy testing:

Is it painful?

We’re happy to tell you that this is a completely painless procedure. It requires no shots! And, this procedure will allow Dr. Brauer to determine exactly what you’re allergic to, as 20-60 allergens can be tested.

How does it work?

Dr. Brauer will label an area on your back or arm that will inform her which allergen is in what location. She will then press a small amount of the allergen on the skin using a plastic device. If you have an allergy to that particular substance, your skin will produce a negative reaction.

How long does it take?

This is a very quick procedure – roughly 30 minutes from start to finish. It will take Dr. Brauer a few minutes to place the allergens on the skin, 15 minutes for the skin to react (or not react), and 15 minutes for Dr. Brauer to discuss your results.

What can I do about my allergies?

Dr. Brauer is in the business of effectively treating and managing allergies. Her goal is for you to be free of your allergen and its side effects. Until then, she will discuss and create an allergy treatment plan that will put you on the path toward relief.

Why is allergy testing important?

One of the biggest issues concerning allergies is the unknown factor. Thinking you might have an allergy versus knowing exactly what your allergy is could be the difference between life and death. Allergy testing provides clear-cut answers to very important questions.

If you’re tired of the unknown concerning your allergies, contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Brauer.