back to school allergiesIf your children suffer from allergies, it’s imperative to prepare them for the new school year. Fortunately, Bluegrass Family Allergy has the solutions to your family needs.

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Here are four ways to prepare for a great school year:

Contact Your Child’s Teachers

Never be worried about over-stepping your boundary when it comes to your child’s allergies or health. Should you choose not to contact your child’s teacher to inform them about their allergies, it could have harmful consequences. Keeping your child’s teacher informed is the best solution, every time! That way, if anything happens, the teacher will be prepared and know exactly what to do.

Answer All Questions

Allergies can be overwhelming and confusing to someone who has never experienced an allergic reaction before. Be visible and allow your child’s teacher time ask questions. Answer those questions as thoroughly and as honestly as possible. If you’re not sure about the answer, call us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Use & Provide Our Helpful Resources

A school classroom is usually decorated with educational resources and helpful topics. Information about allergies should be one of those topics. Request helpful resources to inform other students and teachers alike of what allergies are and what to do if someone is suffering from an allergic reaction.

Don’t Hide Information

When explaining allergies to your child, it’s important not to hide information. If a child knows what to avoid or what to expect when an allergen is present, appropriate responses will follow. Waiting for an allergic reaction to happen is the wrong time to figure out what to do. Explain everything you can to your child about their allergies so the correct action follows.

At Bluegrass Family Allergy, our team wants to help! We offer multiple types of treatment for allergies. You can also visit our website to view the monthly shot calendar.