Christmas allergiesDuring the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may not be aware of Christmas allergies that make your symptoms flare. Christmas allergies come in all shapes and sizes but it’s extremely important to protect your body from allergies during this festive season.

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Christmas allergies present a new sort of obstacle from year round allergies. Since your body is “used to” everyday allergies and may have grown immune to the symptoms (thanks to immunotherapy or medication), Christmas allergies may surprise your body and your symptoms may flare. Consider these seasonal allergies and take the necessary precautions to stay healthy during the holidays:

Real Christmas Trees

Real or artificial, Christmas trees are a Christmas staple. If you choose a real Christmas tree, be cautious of the mold that may be lingering on the branches or needles. Leave your tree in an enclosed space (such as a garage) for a week and give it a good shake before bringing it inside. If your tree doesn’t have mold and you still feel your allergies acting up, you may be sensitive to the tree’s scent!

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments, new and old, are what makes your tree unique and special. However, remember that the ornaments have been tucked away in an attic or basement and may have collected dust. If you’re allergic to dust, use a face mask to ensure that you don’t breathe in the dust.

Holiday Stress

While the holidays are known for family and fun, sometimes it also produces stress. Stress has been known to lead to asthma attacks. Take extra care this holiday season to have an asthma attack prevention plan and keep an inhaler close by.

Your Pet

If you travel for the holidays and don’t take your pet with you, it is possible that your body may have an allergic reaction to your pet (more specifically, pet dander) when you return home. This occurs because your body may have lost its tolerance to the allergen.

Santa’s Milk & Cookies

While the Bluegrass Family Allergy team loves milk and cookies, we strongly advise against taking a bite of Santa’s treats if you have a dairy allergy. Enjoy safe treats this holiday season and have a very Merry Christmas!

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