Christmas Tree AllergiesChristmas is days away, and your allergies are acting up. No, you’re not allergic to the holidays. But, it’s possible that you are experiencing a dairy reaction or have Christmas tree allergies! Let the team at Bluegrass Family Allergy help make this Christmas the best one, yet. We have treatments available such as immunotherapy, allergy tablets, and medication that will help you focus on the holidays instead of on your allergies.

Before Christmas arrives, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brauer for relief.

Dairy and Christmas tree allergies are two of the main allergies that surround Christmastime. However, we know that these two items are staples during the holiday season. Discover what you can do about your allergies:

Dairy Reactions

Santa’s milk and cookies are staple items during the Christmas season! However, if you feel subtle or intense pain within two hours of consuming a dairy product, you may be experiencing an adverse reaction.  Symptoms of a dairy intolerance include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and bloating.

A negative reaction occurs because the body has a harder time processing lactose after infancy (since those are the years our body needs dairy). Thankfully, there are lactose-free options available that can minimize the discomfort associated with dairy.

A lactose intolerance is a gastrointestinal reaction, and is not equivalent to a dairy allergy.  An allergy, or immune reaction, is when the immune system becomes involved.  In an allergic patient, an accidental ingestion of any amount of dairy can cause a severe and almost immediate reaction, even one that potentially requires epinephrine use!  It’s very important to know how severe your reaction might be.

Christmas Tree Allergies

If you find yourself sneezing every time you’re near your (real) Christmas tree, it’s likely that you are allergic to the tree’s scent! If the scent isn’t causing your allergies to flare, there may be mold in between the branches that is having a field day with your sinuses. If you want to forego the frustrating allergies associated with Christmas trees, artificial trees still bring the much-loved look of the holidays. Or, we can help you find relief through immunotherapy or medication.

How We Can Help

The Bluegrass Family Allergy team wants to help you enjoy this Christmas season – despite your allergies. After a consultation with Dr. Brauer, she will be able to recommend the right treatment for your allergy issue! Call us today at 270-228-2811 to schedule an appointment for your allergy and asthma needs.