asthmaAccording to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, one in 12 Americans suffer from asthma. Unfortunately, that number grows every single year. While a permanent cure for asthma has yet to be found, there are treatments available to combat asthmatic symptoms and improve your health-related quality of life.

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There are different types of asthma that affect people all over the world. Consider these three:


If you have an unproductive cough lasting longer than six weeks, it’s possible that you have developed cough-variant asthma. The main symptom of this type of asthma is the cough itself. However, if not properly diagnosed and treated, other symptoms may arise. It’s important to avoid substances that may trigger your cough such as dust and cold weather.


Occupational asthma occurs if you are exposed to an irritant in the workplace. For example, a healthcare worker may have a reaction to latex gloves or a factory worker responds negatively to a chemical. Exposure to harmful substances may cause your lungs to swell. This transforms into bouts of wheezing, coughing, and trouble breathing.


It’s not uncommon for asthma to worsen at night. Triggers such as pet dander or dust mites may narrow your airways further and worsen your symptoms. Nocturnal asthma is serious, as it does not allow for a restful night sleep. This leaves you tired and more susceptible to daytime asthmatic attacks. Whether your asthma is caused by irritants in the workplace or only occurs at night, Dr. Brauer has the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately diagnose and treat your symptoms.

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