fall allergiesAfter a long, hot summer in Kentucky, September is finally here. It was as if the entire state let out an audible sigh of relief! But, not everyone is excited for summer to be over and fall to begin. Many Kentuckians see their fall allergies flare due to surprising culprits: lingering warm weather, hay fever, bothersome leaves, and school allergens. Discover the details:

Warm Weather

Although Kentucky isn’t dealing with 90’F temperatures anymore, warm weather is still here. Because of this, many people still suffer from rhinosinusitis. This condition is usually at its peak during the summer months but may continue into the fall season if warm weather persists. If you’re experiencing recurring sinus infections, schedule an allergy test with Dr. Brauer to determine the culprit.

Hay Fever

Despite its name, hay fever has nothing to do with hay. It actually has everything to do with the ragweed plant. This weed releases billions of pollen particles into the air. Frustratingly, its peak season is mid-September when most people are trying to enjoy the outdoors. A cold spell often eliminates the effects this plant has on allergy-sufferers. But, if you don’t want to wait for Mother Nature to eradicate this allergen, Dr. Brauer can determine which medication will help you find relief.

Bothersome Leaves

Many people like to keep their lawns tidy during the fall season. This can be a challenge due to how often leaves fall from the trees! It’s important to note that leaves often carry mold spores and pollen. So, when you’re doing yard work, the mold and pollen is being stirred into the air. If you have fall allergies or asthma, make sure to wear a NIOSH rated N95 mask while raking.

School Allergens

Kids are officially back in school. If you’ve seen an increase in allergy-related fits, it is likely related to their school setting. When kids are in the classroom, it’s possible that they are near dust, classroom pets, dust mites, and more. In the lunchroom, they may be near foods that they are allergic to. Make sure to talk to your kids and their teachers about what to do if they experience an allergic reaction.

Dr. Brauer can help with your fall allergies and asthma symptoms! Contact us today to make an appointment.