young girl using an inhalerAn asthma diagnosis can be very overwhelming, especially if the diagnosis is given to one of your children. Fortunately, medical professionals know a lot about asthma and how to best help asthmatic people. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about asthma so you can equip yourself with knowledge to help your child.

What is the purpose of an asthma action plan?

As asthma action plan is a detailed document explaining what you should do if a flare-up occurs, what medicine your child should take and when, what asthma triggers to avoid, and much more. Dr. Brauer can help you create an asthma action plan that is specific to your child.

We encourage you to memorize this information… truly understand the details of the plan so if an asthma attack begins, you’ll know what to do. Also, talk to your child about this plan. Education is a huge element in both the allergy and asthma realm.

Will my child have to take asthma medicine?

There are two types of asthma medication available – long-term control medicine and quick-relief medicine. Long-term control medicines help the airways from getting bothered, and most asthmatic people take this type of medicine daily. Quick-relief medicine help during an asthma attack, opening the airways and allowing a full deep breath.

What are asthma triggers?

Asthma triggers are any substance that causes the airways to tighten and forces your body to produce asthmatic symptoms. Common triggers include mold spores, pollen, tobacco smoke, dust mites, and pet dander. If possible, remove the trigger from your child’s daily environment as best you can. If this is not fully doable, know what to do in case of a flare-up. (Check your asthma action plan for details!)

Dr. Brauer Can Educate & Help Asthmatic Children

If your child is showing signs of asthma, call Dr. Brauer right away. It’s important to have your suspicions confirmed to best help your child in the present and future. Dr. Brauer is passionate about educating and helping people of all ages suffering from asthma.