When you’re choosing your New Year’s resolutions this year, don’t forget to add a few that better your health! These resolutions don’t have to be difficult or drastic. Consider the following ideas that will better your overall quality of life:

Rethink Your Exercise Schedule

Spring will be here before we know it. With the warm weather, flowers and trees will start to bloom! These plants will produce millions of pollen seeds every day. While most people will ditch their exercise routine, you don’t have to! Simply change up when you exercise. Pollen counts are highest in the morning, so enjoy the outdoors during the early afternoon.

Scrub Your Bathroom & Kitchen

Mildew is a frustrating culprit of allergens that can cause sneezing, wheezing, a runny nose, and an itchy throat. It is commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens because it thrives in moist air. If you start to see it growing in these rooms, act fast. A mixture of bleach and water should eliminate this culprit!

Reduce Pet Dander

Pet dander can trigger allergic reactions in people that aren’t even highly allergic to dander. Many people have found relief from pet dander by sleeping in different rooms, creating a pet-free zone, washing their pet weekly, and vacuuming their carpets weekly. (Did you know that many people are allergic to the protein found in a pet’s saliva and urine? Minimize the use of pee pads and how many slobbery kisses you receive from your furry pet!)

Eliminate Pests from Your Home

Pests such as cockroaches and flies can cause a variety of allergic reactions such as coughing, rashes, postnasal drip, and itchy eyes. Because of their knack for transporting bacteria and germs, they leave their mark throughout the entire house! Consider calling an exterminator to get rid of these frustrating pests and, in turn, your allergies!

If you couple the tips above with a treatment plan from Dr. Brauer, you can kick allergies to the curb this year. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brauer for relief.