Our Practice

Dr. Kelly Brauer opened Bluegrass Family Allergy in April 2015 with the vision of providing adults and children in western Kentucky with the highest quality allergy, asthma, and immunology diagnostic and therapeutic services. At Bluegrass Family Allergy, we are passionate about offering a patient-centered approach to the citizens of Daviess County and the surrounding areas. We strive to treat patients as we would want to be treated.

Experience & Expertise in Adult & Pediatric Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology

As a board-certified allergist, Dr. Brauer has practiced locally for ten years, and with over 40,000 patient interactions she is one of the most sought-after allergists in the area. She focuses on patient education and believes wholeheartedly in offering the highest standard of care. All of her professional staff are experienced in procedures and billing, and care deeply about creating a welcoming environment for patients.

Bluegrass Family Allergy & the Community

At Bluegrass Family Allergy, we understand that our practice wouldn’t exist without the support of our patients and our community. We take pride in giving back and getting involved, especially with ongoing community education. It’s our goal to improve local awareness about the dangers of food allergies and improve safety for our patients as they live, work, and go to school every day.

Dr. Brauer considers it her responsibility to continue to educate patients, parents, and families about signs and symptoms of asthma, the dangers of food allergies, and non-medication treatment options for patients whose quality of life is affected by allergic diseases.

Dr. Brauer volunteers at asthma screening events to help identify those patients in the community who may have untreated asthma and attends local health fairs to spread allergy and asthma awareness. She has served on the Owensboro Catholic and Daviess County Schools Food Allergy Advisory Boards and lectured at the Kentucky Association for School Nurses and for the Daviess County Schools Food Services Convention. She has been involved with local food allergy support groups and led multiple community discussions regarding food allergies and emerging trends with small groups including Owensboro’s MOM and MOPS groups and the Hancock County Public library.

Having lived in other areas of the country for training, Dr. Brauer has really enjoyed being back home in the Bluegrass State. We live in a beautiful area of the country, and we are passionate about keeping people doing what they love to do outside. With allergies that can be tremendously difficult, and Dr. Brauer enjoys giving her patients the opportunity to love the outdoors again.

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