allergiesMany people experience an unusual amount of allergy flareups during the holiday season. They wonder, “Am I allergic to the holidays?!” Fortunately, your flareups aren’t due to Christmas itself but are due to allergens that winter brings such as dust mites, lack of fresh air in the home, pet dander, and more. Go ahead and outsmart your Christmas allergies with these simple tips:

Opt for a Fake Christmas Tree

Did your sneezing and coughing fits start when you brought your Christmas tree home? You may not be allergic to the tree itself, but you may be reacting to the elements on the tree. It’s likely that mold spores, pollen, and even the scent are causing your allergies to run wild. If you can convince your kids, a fake Christmas tree could give you relief.

Groom Your Pet a Little Extra

Your fur baby may be causing some unwanted allergic reactions. Before giving her away, there are simple ways to reduce pet dander allergies in the home. Consider the following tips: bathe your pet weekly, use HEPA air cleaners, create a pet-free zone, and try taking specific medication.

Open Your Windows

The last thing you want to do is welcome cold air into your cozy home! But, tightly sealed windows can create poor ventilation. If contaminants or allergens enter your home, they don’t have a way to get out. This will cause allergic reactions and discomfort. Open your windows to welcome fresh air into your home to get allergens out.

Eliminate Dust Mites

Dust mites are a major cause of winter allergies. Since people aren’t outside as much, they’re inside their home where dust mites also reside. It’s important to take steps to eliminate dust mites and reduce your allergies. Consider the following tips: wash your sheets in hot water weekly, vacuum regularly, and use a dehumidifier.

So, you’re not allergic to Christmas per se, but you may be allergic to certain elements that the Christmas season brings. For an accurate diagnosis and steps toward allergy relief, schedule an appointment with your Owensboro allergist.