a woman applies a cream to her skinDid you know that skin allergies are one of the most common types of allergies that allergists treat and manage? There are four common types of skin allergies including eczema, allergic contact dermatitis, hives, and angioedema. In part one of this three-part series, we will unpack the details about eczema and allergic contact dermatitis and explain how you can find relief from these skin allergies!


Your skin plays an important role as a defender of bacteria, irritants, and allergens. One way it can fulfill this role is by staying moist and connected. If eczema is present, the connection is compromised due to the lack of moisture in the skin. Tell-tale indicators that eczema is present include dry, cracked skin, itchiness, bumps, and a red rash. Although this skin allergy is not curable yet, you can decrease its presence on your skin by implementing the following tips:

  • Apply medicated ointment to the rash.
  • Avoid harsh soaps.
  • Lather your skin with fragrance-free moisturizer.
  • Use fragrance-free laundry detergent.

Did you know that eczema is often associated with asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or food allergies? If you suspect any of those conditions, Dr. Brauer would be happy to perform a test and talk to you about treatment options. Don’t delay treatment, as eczema can cause sleepless nights that bleed into unproductive workdays or school days. Reclaim your days by taking care of your skin!

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

The name for this skin allergy speaks for itself – allergic contact dermatitis. Upon contact with an allergen, your skin will become irritated. The most common sign of allergic contact dermatitis is an itchy, red rash. If possible, don’t itch the rash or else it will get worse. Common triggers of this skin allergy include:

  • Citrus fruit, especially the peel
  • Fragrances in soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics
  • Hair dyes or straighteners
  • Latex rubber
  • & Others

If you suspect a skin allergy, let Dr. Brauer perform an allergy test for you to determine exactly what allergen is the culprit. Then, she can create a treatment plan for you so you can find relief!

Dr. Brauer Can Help You Take Control of Your Eczema & Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Healthy skin can be a strong defender against frustrating bacteria, irritants, and allergens that threaten your health-related quality of life! If you’re tired of dealing with skin allergies like eczema and allergic contact dermatitis, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Brauer: 270-228-2811

Stay tuned for parts two and three of this three-part series on skin allergies:

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