immunotherapyTraditional allergy immunotherapy is a long-term treatment plan that involves building immunity through the injection of a small dose of the allergen consistently over time. The build-up phase takes four to six months with the patient receiving shots one to two times a week. After the patient has completed the build-up phase, they will move into the maintenance phase which lasts between three to five years and requires shots every two to four weeks.

Rush immunotherapy provides the same relief in less time! This accelerated process allows the patient to reach their maintenance dose over a period of weeks, rather than months, thus allowing the patient to experience the benefits sooner.

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Rush Immunotherapy, also called cluster immunotherapy, can be the solution to your allergy problems if:

  • Your current allergy medication doesn’t provide relief
  • You have severe allergic asthma
  • The allergen is difficult to avoid
  • If commuting to the doctor’s office weekly is unrealistic

Rush Immunotherapy Procedure

In a two-hour visit, you will receive two to three injections of the allergen. When the allergen is injected into your body, antibodies are produced to fight against the allergen. This allows the body to become accustomed to the allergen.

Because rush immunotherapy is the process of injecting allergens into your body, it is important to take specific medications on the day before and the day of your appointment. Medications include an antihistamine and a Singulair. These medications help ready the body to receive the allergen in case there is an adverse reaction to the treatment.

Advantages of Rush Immunotherapy

Traditional allergy shots require a visit to the doctor to be part of your weekly schedule. However, after the initial build-up phase, rush immunotherapy requires only one visit to the doctor every couple of months. Other advantages to this treatment include:

  • Offers fast relief
  • Accommodates schedules
  • Requires less shots
  • Decreases insurance co-pays and office visits
  • Maintenance dosage is received months sooner than traditional immunotherapy

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