school-related allergySchool is right around the corner, and it’s important to have a plan to address allergens that linger at school. Whether it’s on the playground or in the classroom, school presents its own challenges with regards to allergies. But, we believe your child should focus on his education instead of on his school-related allergy. That’s why we’ve created a list of seven simple tips to help your child succeed. Take a look:

7 School-Related Allergy Tips

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate all school-related allergies. But, you can help prepare your child for school by considering the following allergy-related tips:

  1. Answer all questions your child has about his allergy
  2. Contact an allergist to diagnose the allergy (if not already diagnosed)
  3. Create an anaphylaxis action plan
  4. Discuss how and when to use an epinephrine injector
  5. Inform your child’s teacher of the allergy
  6. Take a tour of the school to find potential triggers
  7. Talk to your child about his allergy

As for tip number two, if you suspect your child has an allergy but it has not yet been diagnosed, contact Dr. Brauer today. Knowledge is the first step toward living an allergy-free life! Once your child has been accurately diagnosed, Dr. Brauer will discuss with you the best treatment option. Treatment such as medication or immunotherapy has given thousands of patients freedom from their allergies.

An undiagnosed allergy can be detrimental. When a person doesn’t know what to avoid or what is causing symptoms, fear and hesitancy can easily dictate life. To find answers and ultimately relief, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brauer. She will give you the time and attention your allergy needs and create a customized treatment plan to help you. Are you ready to find relief?

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