seasonal allergiesSpring is here, and your eyes are already itching with just the thought of pollen. Instead of staying cooped up inside until summer arrives and pollen disappears, take proactive steps to minimize the effects seasonal allergies have on your life!

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Check out the following ways you can out-smart your spring allergies:

Make Simple Changes to Your Home

Unfortunately, pollen can stick to anything that moves. But, simple changes to your home can keep pollen out and fresh, unpolluted air in. Avoid inviting pollen into your home by shutting your windows, taking your shoes off before coming inside, vacuuming regularly, showering and washing your hair after being near pollen, and throwing your clothes into the washing machine immediately after being outside.

Be Mindful When You Go Outdoors

When the pollen count is at its highest or when the wind is at its strongest, enjoy spring from inside your home. You can do fun activities with your kids such as color, bake, craft, and more. When the wind and pollen die down, take them outside to enjoy the weather. If you’re still uneasy about how pollen will affect you, wear sunglasses to avoid eye irritation and a mask over your mouth to avoid a coughing fit.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Brauer

Allergy shots and medication are two of several treatment options that can help you overcome seasonal allergies. Dr. Brauer will meet with you to discuss your symptoms and available treatments. She can put together a personalized plan for you so you can enjoy spring!

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