Dr. Brauer saved my daughter! Since we only found out about all these dangerous allergies a few months ago, she has walked us through step by step and even set us up with Xolair. They’re trying to give Libby the freedom back to just be able to go outside and be active without harsh rashes and even breathing in fresh air. I have called them with questions and they always take the time to talk me through my doubts and worries. God bless this doctor and her staff, they are true healers. The nurses have a sweet bed side manor and that alone makes you feel better. I am truly thankful for these people! – Jed H.

Dr. Brauer and her staff are amazing!!! Everyone takes the time to make my son feel comfortable when he’s there. They always laugh and joke with him. Dr. Brauer is one of the best doctors I have met. She cares so much for her patients and it shows. I think my son would visit them every day if I let him. – Charity H.

Dr. Brauer is amazing! She took the time to really get to the root of problem I’d suffered with for years. One day later I have great improvement! She was very kind and patient. – Shelly S.

I had an upper respiratory infection that I couldn’t kick. My primary care physician thought it was asthma. Dr. Brauer took the time, asked all the right questions, and we discovered it was actually seasonal allergies that spanned the entire year (lucky me). She made several recommendations, and we landed on a regimen that has served me well. Thanks to Dr. B and her staff – not a single URI since I met them. The meds were a little expensive, but we found a coupon that made it more reasonable. Even still, not one doctor visit has saved me more than the meds cost. Thanks Dr. B! If you need an allergist, she’s the one. – Mason M.

Amazing. Only word I can use. The staff and Dr. Brauer have become amazing members of our care team for my son. She always has time for you and any questions you may have. Highly recommended and I normally do not place reviews, but felt I needed to this time. I feel as though she’s one of the reasons my son is alive. – Deanna D.

What do I think about Dr. Brauer and Bluegrass Family Allergy? I think they have saved my son’s life in the face of ridiculously high levels of multiple, challenging food allergies. I also think they have saved my sanity by educating me and proving to me that I am capable of weathering this journey along with him. There is no one I trust more than Dr. Brauer – her care is impeccable, her knowledge seems boundless, and she is personally invested in every single patient/family. So blessed to be her patients! – Jennifer H.

I can’t say enough good things about this doctor and her staff. They are absolutely wonderful! Caring, kind, professional, and they are helping us finally get some answers! You get nothing but personal care and attention here. Highly recommend! – Kristi M.



Dr. Brauer and her staff are so amazing! My son has sensory issues, and when he goes to a new place/environment, he has certain behaviors. They were so patient and kind to him throughout the appointment. Dr. Brauer also took time to talk with me and didn’t make me feel like she was rushed. We have been with Dr. Brauer for 4 years. We have always loved her and would definitely recommend her! – Laura L.

I absolutely love Dr. Brauer and would highly recommend her. She diagnosed my son with FPIES today and was very informative and thorough. She gave us lots of information and resources, and even a small children’s book on it!  – Morgan M.

Dr. Brauer and her nurses are AWESOME!! They always make Ace feel comfortable and welcomed. They are always smiling and very nice. We absolutely love them and would HIGHLY recommend this office to everyone! – Melissa C.

Absolutely love her! She is very smart, personable, and down to earth. Her staff is great too! Would recommend her to anyone. – Alisha L.

Very professional and courteous staff. Dr. Brauer has been awesome in getting my allergies under control and keeping them under control. Have and will recommend to anyone with 10 stars! – Stephen A.

Dr. Brauer and her staff are fabulous! They listen and are so caring! They tested my daughter on her first visit and were able to get a course of treatment started immediately! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! – Angie H.

The staff is great! They are great with my 3-year-old and made things easier when he was tested for allergies! – Kayla N.