food allergies

Thanksgiving is known for a day filled with food, family, and football – but especially the food! On average, Americans eat 6,000+ calories (that’s triple the amount of calories we’re supposed to consume!). It’s no wonder why we take a nap after our Thanksgiving meal while watching our favorite football team compete. However, for those with food allergies, the thought of Thanksgiving may be stressful.

Contact Bluegrass Family Allergy today! Dr. Brauer can help you determine which foods you are allergic to.

Knowing which foods you are allergic to can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding big get-togethers that involve food. Once you know, you can take the necessary steps to prevent adverse reactions.

Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

If you or your child has food allergies, Thanksgiving can be a worrying time. Because there are multiple dishes and ingredients during Thanksgiving, cross-contamination of “safe” and “unsafe” foods may occur. Consider these food safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving:

  • Keep unsafe foods out-of-reach from young children
  • Prepare “safe” foods first, then “unsafe” foods
  • Read all food labels
  • Use a paper towel and soap to clean food areas (sponges can carry allergens)
  • Use separate serving utensils
  • Wash hands often throughout the day

When allergies are involved, it’s easiest to prepare Thanksgiving at your own home so you don’t worry about someone else preparing your child’s plate. However, if this isn’t possible, let the Thanksgiving host know about the food allergies. Or, consider bringing your child his or her own plate of food.

Food Allergies & Dish Ideas

Consider Thanksgiving foods that are safe (and delicious!) for your family to eat. For an appetizer, preparing a salad with oil, salt, and pepper dressing is an appealing option. Your main course could include a gluten-free turkey. For dessert, think outside the sweets box: a fruit salad or fruit pie may become a Thanksgiving favorite.

Bluegrass Family Allergy wishes you and your family a very Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!