a young happy family smiles in the woodsImmunotherapy is a form of allergy treatment that targets the very root of your problem, the allergy itself. During the buildup and maintenance phases, you will receive small doses of the allergen through an allergy shot given in your arm. This allows your body to slowly and consistently recognize the allergen as safe and not a threat.

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Keep reading to learn who can benefit from immunotherapy, when to schedule an appointment with your Owensboro allergist, and more.

People Who Can Benefit from Immunotherapy

People of all ages can start immunotherapy to take control of their health-related quality of life! The quality of your health affects every other aspect of your life – mental, emotional, spiritual, and more. If you experience the following, immunotherapy can benefit you drastically:

  • You are allergic to insect venom.
  • You cannot avoid the allergy trigger.
  • Your allergy medicine fails to manage your symptoms.
  • Your allergy medicine interacts negatively with other medication you take.

Benefits of Immunotherapy

The biggest benefit of immunotherapy is that your symptoms will no longer be present. The deeper benefit of allergy shots – the one that gets allergists excited – is the fact that these shots teach your immune system to accept the allergen instead of fight against it. By altering your immune system, immunotherapy changes your health in a positive way!

When to Schedule an Appointment

If you’ve decided that you are done dealing with frustrating allergy symptoms and want long-term relief, give us a call. Dr. Brauer has helped thousands of people overcome their allergy issues, and she’s ready to help you, too! She will answer any questions you have and discuss the best treatment option for your specific allergy issue. Click here to learn more about immunotherapy, then schedule an appointment today: 270-228-2811.