Valentine’s Day Each year, millions of people across America celebrate love on February 14. But, for some, Valentine’s Day can be stressful due to food allergies. Thankfully, the team at Bluegrass Family Allergy is here to help! Allow us to help you safely navigate through the food-allergy waters.

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There are multiple ways you can celebrate this festive day, both at school and at home. Discover the details:

Valentine’s Day at School

Parties and card exchanges between classmates are incredibly fun. However, if your little one has food allergies, this may present an issue. If your child has food allergies, make sure you talk to the teacher about it and remind your child about his allergy.

Education is one of the best tools to prevent allergic reactions! When your little one understands what allergens to avoid and why, he will be extra careful not to be near unsafe foods.

 Valentine’s Day at Home

Just because little one has food allergies doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day can’t be celebrated! After your child gets home from school, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with the family. There are many ways you can do this that will get him into a great mood.

Here are a few allergy-friendly ideas that little one can enjoy at home and give you peace of mind:

  • Bake a heart-shaped cake (using a safe recipe)
  • Create Valentine’s Day crossword puzzles
  • Cut out red and pink hearts and decorate the house
  • Watch sweet movies
  • Write notes for family members

Dr. Brauer has extensive experience diagnosing food allergies, and can help your child understand his allergy. The Bluegrass Family Allergy team is here to help you and your child live a healthy, allergy-free life! For peace of mind and an allergy-free life, contact us today.